14.03.2015 12:47
Due the decree of the government of the United States, March 09th of 2015, 
which declares to Venezuela as a threat to its national security, the ecumenical 
communities of the Latin American Foundation for Human Rights and Social 
Development, FUNDALATIN, the Institute of Human Development and Social 
Economy, IDHES, and the National Human Rights Network, REDNADDHH, issued a 
message, on March 03th of 2015, in which pose: 
Major global powers pretend to keep getting its interests at the expense of the lives of 
the majority, and the destruction of the planet. As the Pope Francis says: "The financial 
crisis we are experiencing makes us forget that there is a profound anthropological crisis 
at its source: ¡the negation of the primacy of the human being! We have created new 
idols. Worship of ancient golden calf. (cf. Ex 32.1-35)”. (Pope Francis: The Gospel’s 
joy. 2013. In USA we can see racial segregation cases unworthy of a people 
that have the legacy of the Prophet of civil rights, Martin Luther King.
Faced with this trend, acts a great movement of communities of diverse spiritual 
sources, social movements and responsible governments. In the United States the 
SOAW, pose the closing of this training school of repressive dictators in Latin America 
and requests the closure of military bases in its country in the world, whose enormous 
military expense precludes social attention to their own people, presented by President 
Moreover, social transformation processes achieved progress recognized by 
international organizations such as FAO. In Venezuela, extreme poverty fell from 
24.7% in 1998 to 9.3% in 2011. Similar progress have been achieved in countries like 
Ecuador, Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Central America and the Caribbean 
countries, with momentum to integrating and unity models in diversity as ALBA, 
UNASUR, CELAC, and PETROCARIBE. Countries to which the Bolivarian Republic 
of Venezuela, since its constitutional process, in 1999, has supported, not with exclusive 
criteria of free market and maximum gain, so typical of indifference towards the weak, 
but with solidarity, respect for sovereignty, and complementarity. 
In the United States, is recognized the support on natural disasters given by the 
company CITGO, a subsidiary of Petroleos de Venezuela, to provide the energy source 
to affected populations, with a sense of human solidarity. In the current Venezuelan 
Constitution, the concept of nation security is expressed as a responsibility of civil and 
military sector in terms of human rights and natural resources, with international 
solidarity, in order to keep the peace. In this context, what threat could represent the 
Venezuelan people to the population of the United States? We urge, in the peace 
building process of the Americas, to all social movements, communities of goodwill 
and world governments, including the United States, to be vigilant against the threat 
posed statement against the legitimate government of the Bolivarian Republic of 
Venezuela and to achieve international relations with ethical criteria in terms of building 
peace, caring for Mother Earth and the social inclusion, to Another World Possible.